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My Portfolio

A PHP developer at heart, I have grown into a Debian Linux based sysadmin.

To find out more about me and see my CV, visit my personal website.

I am presently employed at BrandFour where I am responsible for keeping an infrastructure of nearly 100 clients and over 250 domain names functioning at all times.

Current Projects

Ellie Rose McKee

Shared WordPress hosting and code support for a writers personal blog.

Ellie Rose Writing Services

Shared WordPress hosting and code support for a writers professional website.

RetroBlade Comic

Dedicated server hosting backed by Cloudflare for a heavy traffic online comic.

My Websites

Our Wedding Website

Nice little archive of our wedding planning progress.

Personal Website

My CV and personal bits.

Tieknot Ninja

Easy compendium of tie knots, work in progress.

Ubuntu notes

My online linux reference, in dire need of an update.


An online RSS reader I created when Google Reader got shut down.

Other Favourites

J.D'Signs Numberplate Designer

A PHP and Ajax powered numberplate designer for J.D'Signs and Lingo Design.

Cool Things I Would Like To Find The Time To Do