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Links to My Favourite Online Resources

I have come across a variety of useful online resources whilst developing websites and here they are.

This is NOT a link exchange page, this is a page of links I regularly visit which help me make websites. If you email me asking me to put your link up here, I will ignore it.

Quickly test your code in multiple versions of PHP or that a certain combination of functions works as you vaguely remember it doing.
Ever wanted an ajax loading animation for your ajax site that fits in? Well here you go.
Code Beautifier: CSS Formatter and Optimiser
Most useful tool for deduplicating a CSS file and making minified files workable.
Colour Combination Tester
Simple colour combination tester, compare your colour schemes. This is a little simpler than Adobe Color CC but not as awesome. There is also Color Supply which is nicer and more Web 2.0.
HSL Color Picker
Check the values of a HSL colour value and remember which parameter is which.
CSS Gradient Generator
Simple generator for your CSS gradients, especially handy if your gradient has a few stops in it.
CSS Triangle Generator
Simple generator for CSS-generated triangles.
A tracker-free search engine which includes and MD5 generator amongst other things.
Always my first choice for browsers, particularly its privacy settings which erase all sessions and cookies when the browser closes.
Font Squirrel font-face generator
This tool generates the font-face code you might want for your website, compatible with all browsers. A good way of including fonts yourself if they aren't on another online service.
An in depth resource for finding character codes. Note that the URL of each character page includes the character so you can paste the one you are researching there for a quick result.
Google Closure Compiler
Simple minifying tool for JavaScript.
Dillinger, Online Markdown Editor
A great markdown editor, good for making sure your is spot on.
Polyfill as a service, means you can use things such classList in unsupported browsers (i.e. IE).
An excellent small tool for testing APIs and checking HTTP headers.
An online regular expression testing tool. Version 1 has a nicer cheatsheet but version 2 is a much better design. If you're having trouble understanding a regular expression has an explainer which breaks down a regular expression into english.
Responsive Design Testing
Quickly see how your website looks at mobile resolutions.
VisiBone color lab
A quick reference for 216 web safe colours.
W3C cheatsheet
A nifty little search engine for HTML, JavaScript, CSS, and SVG.
Whois lookup and other tools at an easy to remember URL.

Website Checkers

CSP Evaluator
A tool from Google that analyses your Content Security Policy in detail.
GTmetrix website speed test
Identifies how fast your website is by using the Google PageSpeed Insights and Yahoo YSlow results.
Have I been pwned? Domain Search
Helps you find logins that have been compromised on other services from your domain name.
Observatory by Mozilla
Scans your website for security-related headers and runs a few other checks on it too. Not as good at CSP as the CSP Evaluator above.
Qualys SSL Server Test
Great for performing an in depth analysis of your websites current SSL settings.
W3C CSS validator
Validate your CSS to quickly check for any typo or bad code.
W3C HTML validator
Validate any HTML to quickly check for any typo or bad code.
This useful tool checks your website for accessibility and graphically highlights errors and accessibility issues in your code.


A password generator for "kids" which makes simple passwords for regular users.
Random Word Generator
If you would like to follow the Correct Horse Battery Staple style with an alternate source of random words.
Random string generator from
If you're after a random string rather than a word-based password or just need some random characters, this is a good bet.

Lorem Ipsum Generators

random TV show theme song lyrics
If you want something which is slightly less silly than the other generators listed here.
Samuel L Ipsum
Samuel L Jackson (both not safe for work and safe for work versions available

Picture placeholders
plain placeholders
Wallpapers and free abstract vector HD background images


Capital 106.9
They have an excellent morning show which coincides with most of the work day.
Capital XTRA
A dance and urban radio station with an excellent choice of music.
Coins on Bandcamp
A maker of awesome tunes.
My long time favourite online radio station with minimal advertising and reliably good tunes. PopTron gets me through much of my work.